The Skype for Business desktop and web applications do not work yet with the current CatchEye version.

As a temporary solution, we propose a workaround using a third party tool. Please follow these steps to use CatchEye in Skype for Business:

  1. Download and install the third-party application MultiSplitterMultisplitter is not developed by the CatchEye team, however, it is completely free of charge.
  2. Run MultiSplitter and select CatchEye as Video Source. A resolution of 1280x720 and framerate of 25 or 30 works best.
  3. Run Skype for Business, and go to "Options", "Video device". Select "Multisplitter Video Source" as Video device.

Thats it! Whenever you do a video call in Skype for Business, CatchEye will be started automatically. Be sure that MultiSplitter is running if it doesn't work (check if you can see MultiSplitter in the taskbar of Windows). MultiSplitter starts automatically with Windows by default.